Can I get Free To Air channels with my satellite dish?

In Australia, there are many ‘Free to air’ transmission that can be received, provided you have the right hardware. 

A Ku satellite dish (usually 90cm or less) is ideal for receiving  several satellites which broadcast free to air programs.

The link below gives a comprehensive guide to all the free to air channels available.


In the far left column, take note of the beam direction under the frequency e.g. NZB.  A "NZB"  means a New Zealand beam so you won’t be able to receive it in Australia.  Spot Beams have directional footprints as well.

A White block with ‘F’ means FTA and unencrypted, if you are on the footprint of this satellite you should be able to see them.

C band requires a much larger dish. 1.8mtr solid or 2.3mtr mesh as a minimum. These dishes can be steered across the sky allowing you to view many satellites on the one dish. These satellite dishes will gives you access to dozens of FTA programs from around the world.