What type of connectors should I use?

There are a few sorts of connectors available for satellite TV reception.

Twist on connections: - These are convenient and perfect for the novice not requiring any special tools. They do however provide a weak link in you satellite set up. Poor connections will result in voltage not reaching the lnb via the coax. The outcome is ‘no signal’. Twist on connectors are notorious for coming loose at the most inopportune moments, e.g. middle of the outback or last five minutes of the state of origin with the score 24/24.

Crimp connections: - A much better connection that is permanent and provides a good electrical connection to the lnb. They do require the coax to be cut to a certain pattern in order to fit the crimp connect (this can be achieved by using a coax trimming tool Part no. TL2BST ) and it also requires a crimp tool to produce the necessary hex crimp (Crimp tool, Part no.TL659CRIMP ).

Compression connections: - By far the best type of connection. A sturdy connection that is firm & water resistant. It gives you the best electrical connection & lowest signal loss & impedance stability. It does require a coax trim tool (Part no.  TL2BST) and a compression tool. (Compression tool Part no. TLMCOMP)