WS-6933 Programmable Digital Satellite Meter with Rechargeable Battery

WS-6933 Programmable Digital Satellite Meter with Rechargeable Battery

  • Manufactured by:Satgear
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  • The SF 500 satellite meter, is by far one of the best digital programmable satellite finders around. It makes finding any satellite a breeze.
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The WS-6933 satellite meter, is an advanced satellite meter allowing you to find the correct satellite quickly & accurately.

Satgear supply the WS-6933 pre-programmed for the Optus C1/D3 satellite. This makes it simple to find VAST, Pay TV and other services currently on the C1 or D3 satellite. The meter works by searching only for the pre-programmed satellite/s therefore effectively locking out all other satellites. It will only "beep" and show a signal and quality when it is locked on the correct one. This is especially useful for aligning mobile and fixed satellite dishes to the VAST network. Why mess around with time consuming and difficult to use, conventional analogue meters. This meter will have you locked on the satellite and watching your favourite TV shows in no time.

The Satgear WS-6933 satellite finder comes complete with a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to use recharge the battery from any 240v source or 12v DC source. This is handy for those wishing to align their dish independent of the satellite decoder. You can align your dish and then set up all the rest of your satellite gear knowing that the dish is correctly set to the required satellite. It has a signal level and quality meter readout making precise aligning of your dish a breeze. It also provides you with signal strength in dbuV, s/n and BER.

The WS-6933 can be easily programmed for any other satellites such as Optus D1,D2 etc if you require. It can be selected between different satellites depending on your needs.

A great performing little unit that will take all the guesswork out of aligning your mobile and home satellite dishes.


Size: Approx. 7.7x17x3.5cm/3.03x6.69x1.37"
Plug Type: EU plug (sent with an adapter according your country)
Input Frequency: 950~2150MHz
Input Level: -65~ -25dBm
Band Switch Control: 22KHz
LNB Supply: 13v/18v, IMAX.300mA
Demodulation Type: QPSK/ 8OSK/ 16APSK/ 32APSK
Symbol Rate: 2
LCD Type: TFT Positive transflective
Number Of Dots: 240(RGB)*320
Active Area (WxH): 36.72x48.96mm²
Connector: USB
Data Protocol: USB to RS-232
Li-ion Battery: 7.4v/ 800mah
Output: DC 12V/ 1A
Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: MAX. 5W
The device finds the desired satellite in seconds.
The rear flashlight function can provide lighting.
The Satlink WS-6933 HD is a compact Satellliten Finder.
The device has a static NIT recognition for identifying a received satellite signal safely.
If a satellite found an audible sound - signal and the measured values are displayed.
Satellite search, the satellite dish can be in contrast to traditional instruments turned very quickly.

Package Included:

1 x Signal Finder Meter
1 x Protective Rubber Cover
1 x Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Lanyard
1 x User Manual

  • Part No: SATFNDWS6933