RG6 Quad shield 75 ohm Coax Cable.

RG6 Quad shield 75 ohm Coax Cable.

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High Performance RG6 Quad Shielded Specification

Produce by SignalMax, Professional quality

1.02mm Copper cladded steel conductor, with 4.57mm Foamed PE Insulated Dielectric Core.

Quad Shielding using;

Shield 1: Bonded Mylar Coated Foil (Foil is stuck to Foamed PE Dielectric Insulated Core for added Shielding for connector terminals)

Shield 2: High Grade Braiding (tightly braided)

Shield 3: Aluminium Bonded Foil (Extra thick giving added signal protection)

Shield 4: Braided Shield (for final layer of protective shielding)

Overall diameter of cable 7.54mm Black PVC

Recommended in all digital terrestrial & satellite installations to maximise performance & minimise impulse noise interference.

UV Protected Outer Cable, made specifically for Australian climate.

This is the cable quality & specification professional antenna installers use.


  • Attenuation (dB per 100m)
  • 5Mhz = 1.8dB
  • 300Mhz=10.8dB
  • 450Mhz= 12.7dB
  • 1000Mz=20.9dB
  • 2525Mhz=34.5mhz
  • 3000Mhz=37.9dB
  • Part No :CBRG6QS
  • Manufactured by: SignalMax