Satgear Caravan Satellite Kit - Dual LNB - BYO Decoder

Satgear Caravan Satellite Kit - Dual LNB - BYO Decoder

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The Satgear Satellite Dual LNB - BYO Decoder TV package a great way to receive any of the available satellite TV networks in Australia utilising your own satellite decoder. This package allows you to bring your own satellite decoder, whether it be pay TV^, Christian, Ethnic, or VAST, the choice is yours. 

The kit includes the choice of two satellite dishes:

OPTION 1:  MiniMax 75cm Folding Dish

OPTION 2: 80cm Azure Dish (Requires collapsable tripod mount or mounting pole)

All our satellite packages give you the choice of a 75cm Minimax Folding or 80cm Tripod mounted satellite dish. Just select the option of you prefer.

The kits also includes the choice of three satellite finders:

OPTION 1: SF9505A LCD display analogue satellite finder -  The cheaper solution, suitable for  with experience in setting up satellite equipment.  Like most analogue satellite finders, it will beep on receiving a signal from any satellite, not necessarily the one you want.

There are no needles to break off and this meter has a blue back lit display making it easy to read in bright sunlight. 

If you are new to satellite set ups, we strongly recommend a programmable satellite finder.  There are two options:

  • OPTION 2: SF500 Programmable Satellite Finder
  • OPTION  3: SF3500 Pre- Programmed VAST Satellite Finder (Rechargeable)

    These make it a breeze to find the VAST satellite as the meter is programmed to only beep and align to the Optus C1/D3 satellites where VAST and Foxtel are located.

    Our MiniMax VAST kit includes all hardware to set your system up in a caravan, RV or other mobile application. Satgear supply quality components including all cables made on premises by us and using top quality compression F type connectors and Quad Shield Cable.

    The Satgear Single LNB - BYO Decoder Package contains everything you need to make setting up you satellite TV system a breeze. If you have additional items you would like to add to this package, please select your items from our webshop and we will be happy to add them to your order.

    Our Satgear Caravan Satellite  Kit - Dual LNB - BYO Decoder includes: 

    • Choice of two Satellite Dishes
    1. Option 1: MiniMax 75cm Folding Dish
    2. Option 2: 80cm Azure Dish ( Requires Caravan Tripod Mount or Mounting Pole)
    • Choice of three Satellite Finders
    1. Option 1: SF9505A Basic Satellite Finder
    2. Option 2: SF500 Programmable Satellite Finder
    3. Option 3: SF3500 Pre- Programmed VAST Satellite Finder (Rechargeable)

    The kits also includes:

    • 10700 LNB Dual
    •  2 x 15m RG6Q  F to F Lead.Custom Made
    • 2 x 2m RG6Q  F to F Lead. Custom Made
    • 2 x 7m RG6Q F to F lead. Custom Made
    • 1 Eziplate dual Wall plate
    • Map Compass
    •  6 x F to F joiners 
    • Instructions

    ^ Please read your pay TV terms and conditions before using your pay TV set top box with this equipment. Moving your set top box from its original installation may void any service agreements and warranties and be in breach of your pay TV providers terms and conditions.

    Specifications subject to change from product description.