TV Antenna Bent Fascia Mount 4ft

TV Antenna Bent Fascia Mount 4ft

  • Manufactured by:Satgear
  • Category: Terrestrial Antennas & Accessories
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Heavy duty galvanised bent fascia mounting or "hockey stick" that is ideal for wooden fascias or brick work. A very sturdy mount that will support the full range of TV antennas available through Satgear.

An easy mount to fit but make sure it is mounted well away from overhead power cables.

  • Part No :TVBFM


    Making sure you are away from overhead electricity cables and the antenna has a clear view in the direct of the TV transmitter station, present the mount to the fascia board. Using a magnet spirit bubble level make sure the pole is vertical. Drill two small pilot holes through the fascia board. Fit two coach screws and tighten.