TV Antenna Tiled Roof Tripod Mount

TV Antenna Tiled Roof Tripod Mount

  • Manufactured by:Satgear
  • Category: Terrestrial Antennas & Accessories
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Heavy duty galvanised double base tab mounting which is ideal for tiled roofs. A very sturdy mount that will support the full range of TV antennas available through Satgear.

This mount is much stronger than the single tab type and is specifically designed for high wind loads.

  • Part No :TVTRT

  • Fit location for mount above the peak of the roof.

    Gently lift a roof tile at the lower edge, prop tiled with an approximate gap of 30mm. Using a steel tape push the tape under the lifted tile until you feel the resistance of the batten. (This is the lower edge of the batten). Take the measurement and add 20mm to that measurement. Remove tape, prop and refit tile. Measure from the base of the next tile lower than the one you have just measured. Transfer the measurement you have taken (including the extra 20mm) and mark the tile above. Do this to the centre & the edge of the tile. Now present the tile roof tripod to the tile you have marked. Making sure you can see the marks through the two slotted holes on the base make a second vertical mark in the centre of the slot. Using a masonry bit drill through the layers of tile until you reach the batten. (DO NOT USE THE DRILL ON THE HAMMER OR IMPACT POSITION). Fill the holes with silicon compound part no. (HWSIL) & bed the mount on a pad of silicon. Fit two screws long enough to reach the batten & lock into the hardwood. (Part No. MTCS100). Tighten the screws but not fully home. the last few turn have to be completed with a 3/8" ring spanner so as to not crack the tile. Do not over tighten these screws but make sure the mount is firm. 

    We suggest using our large mudguard washers (part no. MTMW) with the roof screws and sealing with silicon compound (part no. HWSIL)